Pediatric Sleep Coach Mackenzie Barroso

Hey there! My name is Mackenzie, and I am a Certified Gentle Sleep Coach (GSC).

I am a proud mother of two- Kayson who is a tractor loving, Dino obsessed three year old boy and Paisley my loving, sassy one and a half year old girl.

When I was pregnant with my first I had all the confidence in the world. Several of my friends already had babies that I spent much time around and I had a couple nieces I learned a lot from as well.

My husband would always say my confidence helped him become much less scared in becoming a first time dad.

However, when my son was born… all that certainty went out the window. I couldn’t possibly understand how these nurses could send us home with this tiny being all on our own! It was scary.


newborn sleep coaching services

The Rested Nest Newborn Package
0-5 months

For expectant parents who would like to start creating healthy sleep habits from early on.

sleep coaching services Mackenzie Barroso

The Rested Nest Standard Package
5 months-6 years

For children who need a little 'fine-tuning' with their current sleep routines and habits.

sleep coaching services Idaho

The Rested Nest Total Package
5 months-6 years

For families who have sleep concerns for children aged 6 months - 6 years.

What Families Say About Working with Me

"This sleep program has been such a blessing to our family. My son is 23 months old, hard to put down at night and a chronic early riser. We tried CIO and Ferber with no luck, either it felt too harsh or it just confused my son. Working with Mackenzie and her gentle sleep coach program was the perfect solution for us - I wish we had done it sooner! Her sleep program was easy to understand and follow with the gentle approach we were looking for. Mackenzie was awesome to work with and so supportive of our journey - even when we had a few hiccups! We are so happy to have learned the Rested Nest method and to have been coached by Mackenzie. Thank you for giving us the best gift of all - sleep!"

~ Sara and Alex (parents to 23 month old boy), California